Agenda Overview: Monday, April 25th, 10:00-16h40 (2022)

Room: Toboz I

You can also check the Manage-IoT workshop at the IEEE NOMS agenda , it has link links to uploaded videos and remote presentations.


Full papers. Authors of full papers have a 20-minutes slot for their presentation (15min. presentations + 5min. Q&A).

Short papers. Short papers would be presented in a poster session, which will engage all participants of the workshop. Short-paper authors should follow this guideline for preparing their posters: An A0 paper size poster in portrait mode (841 × 1189mm), to which they can affix visually appealing material describing their research.  

All papers (Madness presentation). All presenters should prepare a 90-seconds oral pitch about their their paper (including short-papers). We are doing a “Madness Presentation” session before the long papers’ sessions, where each presenter will summarize his work in a 90-seconds pitch.


Room: Toboz I

10h00-10h30: POSTER SESSION (Chair: Renzo Navas)

  • 10h00-10h05 Quick Opening (Marc-Oliver Pahl and Manage-IoT Chairs)
  • 10h05-10h30 Posters
    • Optimizing Performance and Resource Consumption of Cloud-Native Logging Application Stacks (Gergő Csáti, University of Technology and Economics, Hungary)
    • Emission scheduling strategies for massive-IoT: implementation and performance optimization (Gwen Maudet, IMT Atlantique, France)
    • A Model for Route Learning in Opportunistic Networks (Javier Baliosian, Universidad de la República, Uruguay)

10h30-11h00: COFFEE BREAK

11h00-12h30: KEYNOTE

  • 11h00-11h10 Grand Opening (Marc-Oliver Pahl and Manage-IoT Chairs)
  • 11h10-12h15 Keynote by Martin Serrano, National University of Ireland, Galway, Ireland (55min+10min Q&A)
    • Title: “The Evolution of the Internet of Things Science: Perspectives from IoT Device Management to Managing the IoT Full Stack at the Edge and from Data Collection to Data Marketplaces”
  • 12h15-12h30 Madness Presentation (All Papers, 90 sec. per pitch)

12h30-13h30: LUNCH BREAK

13h30-14h10: PAPER SESSION 1 (Chair: Filippo Poltronieri)

  • 13h30-13h50 A Cloud Infrastructure as a Service for an Efficient Usage of Sensing and Actuation Capabilities in Internet of Things (Roch Glitho, Concordia University, Canada)
  • 13h50-14h10 Resource tradeoffs for TLS-secured MQTT-based IoT Management (Erkin Kirdan, Technical University of Munich, Germany)

14h10-14h20: BREAK

14h20-15h00: PAPER SESSION 2 (Chair: Renzo Navas)

  • 14h20-14h40 Water 4.0: enabling Smart Water and Environmental Data Metering (Filippo Poltronieri, University of Ferrara, Italy)
  • 14h40-15h00 Dynamic-Deep: Tune ECG Task Performance and Optimize Compression in IoT Architectures (Elad Wasserstein, Reichman University, Israel). **Remote**, Live Stream: Join stream.

15h00-15h30: COFFEE BREAK

15h30-16h10: PAPER SESSION 3 (Chair: Stuart Clayman)

  • 15h30-15h50 Federated IoT Roaming using Private DNS Resolutions (Arnol Lemogue, IMT Atlantique, France)
  • 15h50-16h10 Continuous Microservice Re-Placement in the IoT (Christian Lübben, Technical University of Munich, Germany)


  • 16h10-16h30 Poster Session BIS and and Discussion (All)
  • 16h30-16h40 Closing (Marc-Oliver Pahl and Manage-IoT Chairs)